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Arras Academy creates opportunities for people through consulting, film and community.

This course will help you go from a business idea you have, to formulating a pivot plan for development.

As you are looking to make changes in your current situation, this masterclass will give you the nuts and bolts for success. This course will help you identify the “how.”

The Pivot Mindset is “the way” of thinking that is:

  • Open to diagnosing a need for change
  • Exploring a fulfilling business idea  
  • Developing the strategic plan for a sustainable path

Master Class speaker line-up


 CEO | Arras Sisters 

Kelly Hager is the dynamic, visionary CEO of Arras Sisters, an organization dedicated to creating opportunities for women. After a near-death experience, she built a $55 million business and launched a second corporation dedicated to helping others. Kelly is an international speaker, author and business consultant and has been a contributor to Huffington Post, Forbes, Thrive, CBS, NBC and Success Magazine. Kelly credits her near-death experience in 2010 with giving her the clarity to enjoy life, her family, her profession and giving back. Her speaking topics include leadership, creating opportunities for women, gender parity in the workplace, team development, overcoming adversity and building community.


 President | Mix Media 

Mix Media is an Advertising Consulting Firm. Jill has 20 years media experience specializing in television and digital platforms. She helps her clients create targeted messaging, plan lead generation campaigns and plan their overall media strategy. 


 Senior Producer | Arras Sisters 

As an Arras senior producer, Jane combines her broad knowledge of loyalty, program implementation, and fundraising with her personal skills in public speaking, communication, networking and collaboration, to further the mission of Arras Sisters: creating opportunities for women.   


Founder | Kristen Schneider Consulting

Kristen is an expert in branding, marketing and advertising. Her 12+ years of digital marketing and advertising experience has driven millions of dollars in revenue for local and national businesses. She helps her clients bring big ideas to life with real results.  


trauma expert

Stephanie is a TRAUMA EXPERT who refuses to be typecast as a victim. She shuns political correctness and speaks with raw TRANSPARENCY and AUTHENTICITY using her story to shed light on improving the way we view and care for those afflicted with MENTAL ILLNESS.  She has a unique perspective as a caregiver and understands the struggles and decisions that caregivers are faced with.


host | imperfection wins podcast

Hi, I’m Sam! I’m a Human Resources executive, coach, podcast host, wife, mother and friend. My passion is people, and I believe that everyone has unlimited potential, untapped gifts, and the ability to form deep connections with others. This connection is exactly what we need more of in our fast-paced technology driven world. Through my professional career and my personal life, I strive to make these connections possible and life giving for others.

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